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Documentary projects

  • Rwanda project: Notes de turnage 2019

Day 1: Arrival to Kigali
wersja polska

Days 2-3: Kigali-Kivumu

Days 4-5 Kivumu-Kibuye-Bissessero-Butare
Wersja polska

Days 6-7: La soeur Immaculé, Le chauffeur – Alphonse
version française; wersja polska

Day 10: Memorial Ntarama
version française; wersja polska

Day 11: Le jour de commémoration de génocide contre les Tutsis
version française; wersja polska

Day12: Un jour sans
version française; wersja polska

Day 13: Gyseneyi

Days 14-16: Le retour

Perec “Nouvelle Année/Nowy Rok 2020
Gilets jaunes
The day after the yellow jackets events – the slogans on the walls are reminiscent of May ’68. In 1938 Wiktor Alter, the leader of the Bund in Poland, wrote: the most important feature of democracy is the freedom of thought, and just after added: in the democracy, the majority must take care of the minority. President Macron and other world leaders must not forget it.
One minute for 9/11 -postcard