Short movies

  • Zone grise (2021)
    intro générale
    Le court-métrage Zone grise interroge la question récurrente du rapport entre l’art et l’éthique. Dans quelle mesure l’art est-il soumis à l’éthique? Peut-on envisager l’œuvre indépendamment de l’éthique de son auteur?
    Szara strefa (2021)

    wstęp ogólny
    Film krótkometrażowy pt. Szara strefa stawia pytanie o ciągle aktualne pytanie powracającą o związek pomiędzy sztuką a etyką. W jakim stopniu sztuka podlega etyce? Czy dzieło sztuki może być rozpatrywane niezależnie od etyki jego autora?

  • Je ne boirais pas face au miroir, version fr, 2021
    Un film sur deux artistes émigrés à Paris, Maciej Niemiec, poète, et Marek Szczesny, artiste peintre, travaillant à Paris au tournant des XXème et XXIème siècle.
    Nie piłbym do lustra, wersja polska, 2021
    Film o dwóch artystach tworzących na emigracji w Paryżu, na przełomie XX i XXIego wieku, Maciej Niemiec – poeta i Marek Szczęsny – artysta malarz.
  • House fiction, 2017
    The movie deals in a burlesque way with questions of migrants arriving in Europe nowadays. The migrant represented by Clown arrives to Naxos in Greece. Clown looks for his father’s house, but cannot find it. He meets local inhabitants but can not find a common language. In the final scene, the clown meets a soldier who finds a solution.
  • Et le théâtre dans tout ça?, 2017
    The movie addresses the question of the role of drama today, in the context of growing nationalisms, populism and intolerence. The starting point of the movie is the play by T. Bernhard Dramuscules performed by an amateur troupe in Britanny (Ile d’Arz) in October 2016. The fragments of different theater pieces will be mixed with interviews with directors presenting engaged teater pieces. The narrator presents the doubts he faces, and the difficulties in finding directors willing to be interviewed.
  • Nobody in sight, 2015
    Nobody is a tragicomic character. Wearing a raincoat and a creased Panama hat, addicted to his laptop and his cell phone, always hurried and paranoiac, he is permanently looking for something. Sometimes he is a filmmaker prone to doubt and melancholy, directing actors in unlikely scenes. Sometimes he is a mythic police detective who tries to solve a paradoxical mystery: a robbery is committed at a banker crook’s burial… Crushed by the weight of memories from the two World Wars, by the prevailing cynicism and by existential issues, Nobody carries on nonetheless a quest for love and happiness.
  • Round Trip to Bryce Canyon, 2014
    Bryce Canyon, one of the most beautiful sites in the USA.
    After a scientific conference, which took place not far from there,
    Redal Namlede and his friend decide to visit it. During the trip,
    while they admire the magnificent landscapes, an unexpected
    memory comes to Redal’s mind: the memory of Jews in the
    Warsaw ghetto during World War II. As he recalls the tragic
    testimony of the Jewish doctors from the ghetto, the pleasant
    touristic excursion turns into a strange retreat.
  • Être artiste, 2012