Aleksander Edelman, PhD

Born in Lodz, Poland, lives in Paris, France
Website: http://aleksanderedelman.fr
Mail: oledelman@gmail.com
Pseudonym: Redal Namlede

Aleksander Edelman is a biologist, director of research labratory INSERM (http://www.institut-necker-enfants-malades.fr/index.php?menu=team_view&lang=fr). He works on rare genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis.
In parallel, he is a producer, director and/or director of photography of short movies and video installations.

Short movies, director:

  • 2017 “Et le théâtre dans tout ça?” 40′ (with Anne Agranat)
  • 2017 “House fiction” 15′
  • 2015 “Nobody in sight”, 34’44’
  • 2014 “Round trip to Bryce Canyon”, 14’
  • 2012 “Être artiste”, 25’53’’

Collaborations as director of photography

Other Works

Publications :